Battatini’s Catering

Located in Irondequoit, NY

The name Battatini’s was created by combining elements from the last names of the two co-founders: Sam Battaglia and head chef Dominic Piacentini. Sam and Dom have been great friends since their high school days when their passion for the game of basketball forged a lifelong friendship. In high school, it was hoops that brought the two close.

Sam got involved in the food service industry out of high school. Since then he has kept up with the family tradition by working in and owning his own local pizzerias. Dominic’s path was a bit different. Throughout his college years, Dom worked in bars and restaurants assuming multiple roles ranging from bus boy, bouncer, server and manager. His career has taken him into the field of education, but he has kept his passion for food by dabbling in catering over the years.

Dom and Sam’s friendship has now united them with yet another common passion, a passion for food. Battatini’s Catering, located in the very same neighborhood where the two grew up, prides itself on providing customers with delicious family-style home cooking at a great price.

We hope that you will try our food so that you can taste the family style love and care that goes into our food with every bite!

Try our delicious homemade menu items every Friday night!

stop in on Friday nights for our specialty take out dinners!